Wirangu Native Title Authorisation Meeting

South Australian Native Title Services Ltd (SANTS) invites all Wirangu people (described below) to attend a native title authorisation meeting in relation to the following native title applications:

Part B of Wirangu No 2 Native Title Claim SAD 64/2022 (formerly SAD6019/1998); Part B of Wirangu No 3 SAD 228/2019 and Part B of Wirangu Sea Claim No 2 SAD84/2021

Date: Friday, 14 October 2022

Venue: Mallee Park Football Club, Seaton Avenue, PORT LINCOLN 5606

Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Who may attend the authorisation meeting

The meeting is open to all Wirangu people in the native title claim group who are descendants (including by adoption) of any of the following ancestors:

Binilya and Kaltyna; Bobby Wandrooka; C. Eliza Ellen; Eve or Eva Mary; Imbanga and her spouse Tjeltjinya; Jack and Annie Wombat. Kulbula; Lucy Minjia and her spouse Bob Ware;Siblings Nellie Louise Gray, Dhulbalgurd Frank Gray and Kwana Ted Gray; The Wirangu mother of Ada Beagle; The Wirangu mother of siblings Jimmy and Arthur Richards; Tjeira and her spouse Yari Wagon Billy; Wilubi; and Yaldildi Johnny Gibera. 

Purposes of Authorisation meeting

1.         To consider and pass resolutions authorising the consent determination over Parts B of Wirangu No 2, No 3, Sea Claim No 2 (as overlapped by Nauo 3) on behalf of Wirangu; and

2.         To consider and pass resolutions authorising the terms of a Settlement ILUA (Indigenous Land Use Agreements) with the State on behalf of Wirangu

Registering for the meeting

All Wirangu people are invited to contact Sam or Jodie at SANTS to register to attend the authorisation meeting on 1800 010 360 or email at samuelt@nativetitlesa.org or JodieM@nativetitlesa.org.  Limited assistance including accommodation and transport will be available for the meeting and provided in accordance with SANTS Policy and lunch and refreshments will be available during the day.