Share the Dignity with women in remote Indigenous communities

When Rochelle Courtenay first learnt of women experiencing homelessness going without basic sanitary items, she decided the question was not, “why is no one doing anything” but rather, “what’s stopping me from doing something?”

Back in early 2015, Rochelle took matters into her own hands and started collecting these items and distributing to local shelters, and Share the Dignity was born. It has since grown to become a national charity with more than 5,000 volunteers across the country, providing initiatives aimed at giving dignity to women.

Share the Dignity is not only for women experiencing homelessness; it’s also for people without access to personal hygiene products, such as women living in remote Indigenous communities.

Hear more about the charity and who they help from founder and managing director Rochelle, then consider putting together some bags for their Christmas drive, which is on at the moment. Simply drop off handbags filled with women’s items to your local Bunnings until 29th November.

They don’t need to be filled with just hygiene products either; Share the Dignity is encouraging handbags to be filled with all kinds of bits and pieces for women, as for many who receive them, it may be the only Christmas gift they get this year.

Find out more at Share the Dignity.

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