South Australian Native Title Services Ltd (SANTS) invites all Ngadjuri people (described below) to attend a native title authorisation meeting in relation to the Ngadjuri Nations native title application SAD304/2011.

Date: Saturday, 28 November 2020
Venue: Adelaide Royal Coach Hotel, 24 Dequetteville Tce, Kent Town, South Australia 5067
Time: 12 noon

Who may attend the authorisation meeting: The meeting is open to all Ngadjuri people in the native title claim group, being descendants of the following ancestors:

Fanny, who was born at Winnininnie and her spouse Gudjari
Richard (Dick) Warrior
The un-named mother of Ned Edwards, who was born at Booyoolee, near Gladstone
The un-named mother of the Armstrong siblings who was born at Canowie
The un-named mother of Alice Morris, who was born at Canowie
The un-named mother of William John Miller and Amelia Miller
Eliza McGrath, antecedent of the McGrath family

Purposes of Authorisation meeting

  1. To consider the response of the State of South Australia in relation to a possible consent determination
  2. To decide whether to authorise the applicant to make the following proposed amendments to the Ngadjuri Nation claim:
    (a) changing the area claimed in what is known as Part B to remove the overlap with the Wilyakali native title claim as agreed at a mediation meeting on 22 September 2020 (see map below)
    (b) changing the area claimed in what is known as Part A to the proposed boundary (see map below):

Registering for the meeting
All members of the Ngadjuri Nation are invited to contact SANTS to register to attend the authorisation meeting on 1800 010 360 or email at or

Some limited assistance including accommodation and transport will be available for the meeting and lunch and refreshments will be available during the day.