The Arabana Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC administers land and waters on behalf of the Arabana People. The Arabana People’s ownership was recognised in the Dodd v State of South Australia determination. The Consent Determination concerned the Native Title Determination Application filed by the applicants on 16 January 1998. The Consent Determination recognises native title rights and interests over an area located in the central north of South Australia, covering approximately 68, 823 square kilometres. The area encompasses Marree in the southeast, Oodnadatta in the northwest, and Lake Eyre and the Wabma Kadarbu Monnd Springs Conservation Park.

The nature and extent of the native title rights and interests existing in the balance of the determination area are as follows:

  • to access and move about the Determination Area;
  • to live, to camp and, for the purpose of exercising their native title rights and interests, to erect shelters and other structures on the Determination Area;
  • to hunt and fish;
  • to gather and use the natural resources of the Determination Area such as food, medicinal plants, wild tobacco, timber, resin, ochre and feathers, but excluding those resources which are specifically excluded, referred to below;
  • to share and exchange the subsistence and other traditional resources;
  • to use the natural water resources of the Determination Area;
  • to cook on the Determination Area and to light fires for domestic purposes but not for the clearance of vegetation;
  • to engage and participate in cultural activities including those relating to births and deaths;
  • to conduct ceremonies and hold meetings;
  • to teach the physical and spiritual attributes of locations and sites within the Determination Area;
  • to visit, maintain and protect sites and places of cultural and religious significance to Native Title Holders under their traditional laws and customs on the Determination Area

In addition, two ILUAs (Indigenous Land Use Agreements) have purportedly been negotiated as part of the mediation process: Notice of application to register on the Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements




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