Frances Rings reflects on ‘Yuldea’

‘Yuldea’ is a deeply personal ceremonial affirmation of history and heritage, inspired by her family’s connection to the area.

The piece tells the story of the Aṉangu people of the Great Victorian Desert and the abrupt moment that traditional life collided with the industrial ambition of a growing nation in South Australia.

“Within my family lineage lies the stories of forefathers and mothers who lived a dynamic,
sophisticated desert life, leaving their imprint scattered throughout Country like memories suspended
in time,” Ms Rings said.

“The story of Yuldea asks us to look beyond the narrative of our Nations modernisation to reconcile a
fraught history, and to affirm a future that no longer hides behind its truths but grows because of

In Yuldea, the ancient water soak, Yooldil Kapi, connected important trading routes and dreaming stories that crossed through the site for thousands of years.

We spoke with Frances ahead of Bangarra’s shows on Kaurna Yerta.