Our Vision at South Australian Native Title Services Ltd (SANTS) is Sustainable Aboriginal Nations

SANTS is the Native Title Service Provider for South Australia under 203FE of the Native Title Act 1993 (cth) and has performed this role since 1 July 2008.

We assist Aboriginal people in South Australia to recognise and protect their native title rights and interests. We deliver a range of services to support Aboriginal Nations to achieve their social, cultural and economic aspirations and become sustainable entities.

We have a strong and successful history of achieving native title outcomes including through supporting agreement-making and consent determinations. More than half of the state is now determined and we continue to provide services to Prescribed Body Corporates (PBCs) established to look after determined areas.


Native title remains an important foundation for Aboriginal Nations to gain recognition and bring about positive change"-Keith Thomas, SANTS CEO



SANTS was first recognised as the Native Title Service Provider (NTRB) for South Australia under the 203FE of the Native Title Act by the Commonwealth Minister of Aboriginal Affairs on 1st July 2008. We have since acted as the NTSP for the region which includes lands and waters within South Australia and those waters adjacent to the State’s coastline. We have legal responsibilities and functions as the NTSP are set out under Section 203B of the Native Title Act. Our operations are mostly funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA), with some fee for service income received.

SANTS service delivery approach remains focussed on the resolution of native title through negotiation rather than litigation. We work with the State Government and the Federal Court to implement a non-adversarial, collaborative and strategic approach to recognise and protect native title rights and interests and negotiate sustainable outcomes. The consent determination process and the negotiation of Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs) are key elements.

SANTS is a public company limited by guarantee governed by a Board of Directors which oversees the strategic direction of the company. We are an Aboriginal organisation and a registered charity with some 30 employees.

SANTS is committed to providing services in a friendly, efficient and respectful manner and we deal with any complaints about our service in an open manner. Head to the publications page of this site for full details of our complaints policy and procedures.