Wirangu No. 2 Part A Native Title Consent Determination

On the 8th December 2022, a native title claim first made by the Wirangu people more than 25 years ago on the 28th August 1997, was partially finalised with a consent determination at Streaky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula.

The Federal Court’s handing down of the consent determination was a historic day, recognising the Wirangu people as the Traditional Owners of their Country from Acraman Creek in the North to Port Kenny in the South and inland to the Flinders Highway.

SA Native Title Services would like to congratulate the named applicants Caroline Wilson, Cindy Morrison, Barry Dean (Jack) Johncock, Elizabeth Pool, Neville Miller, and Kenneth Wilson, who have fought hard on behalf of Wirangu people to reach their consent determination.

We pay our respects to applicants who passed away before they could be recognised.

In this episode of Aboriginal Way you will hear recordings from the Federal Court’s official proceedings on the day* and hear interviews with key people involved.

  • Amarah Henderson-Wilson, Senior Legal Case Manager opening the Federal Court proceedings
  • Keith Thomas, CEO of South Australian Native Title Services
  • Veda Betts, Wirangu Elder, opening statement
  • Veda Betts interview
  • The Honourable Kyam Maher, Attorney-General and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs interview
  • Susan Phillips, Legal Counsel for the Wirangu people opening statement
  • Susan Phillips interview
  • Barry Dean (Jack) Johncock, Wirangu Elder interview
  • Keenan Smith, Chair of Wirangu Aboriginal Corporation
  • The Honourable Justice Natalie Charlesworth, statement during consent proceedings

*These recordings are used with permission from the Federal Court