Wilyakali native title recognised by Federal Court

On August 28, 2023 the Wilyakali people were handed their native title rights and interests at a Federal Court ceremony near Mannahill, 360km northeast of Adelaide.

The consent determination area covers around 9,200 square-kilometres and stretches from the NSW border, on both sides of the Barrier Highway, to areas near Mannahill.

Wilyakali Aboriginal Corporation chair, Glen O’Donnell, said the date of the determination (August 28) would always be remembered by Wilyakali people.

“We’ve got a lot of Elders that have gone before us that are no longer here but were here in spirit – we were able to recognise this today.”

We spoke with Glen O’Donnell, Wilyakali Aboriginal Corporation vice-chair, Sandra Clark and Wilyakali man, Jarrad Menz, at Mannahill following the consent determination.

Listen to the full chat via the Spotify link.