Wild Dog

The dingo is often referred to as a pest – at least to farmers – but it is also a significant living feature in First Nations culture and important within the Australian ecological system.

Wild Dog is the first artistic outcome of a multi-year cultural maintenance and revival project that will connect the dingo story from Kaurna and Narungga country in South Australia to Lardil Country in Mornington Island, Qld, including cultural links stretching to the Wild Dog story for the Bunun people in Taiwan.

Kaurna/Narungga artist Jacob Boehme conceived this project and artistically directed artists and communities across five Nations: Narungga (SA), Kaurna (SA), Lardil (Qld), Kaiadilt (Qld) and Bunun (Taiwan) in order to preserve and maintain the wild dog story. This included extensive consultation with with more than 50 Narungga and Kaurna Elders and community members.

The result is an immersive exhibition and installation at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute presented by Tarnanthi Festival as part of Illuminate Adelaide, produced by Country Arts SA and Insite Arts International.