Unceded Seeded (Ngampa)

Unceded Seeded or Ngampa, which means yam daisy (a perennial root vegetable that is a staple food source for Kaurna) in Kaurna language, is a new artwork that will be on public display semi-permanently for the next few years outside Guildhouse, in Adelaide’s CBD. The neon sign was designed by South Australian First Nations visual artist Brad Darkson, in consultation with senior Kaurna woman Aunty Lynette Crocker.

“Unceded Seeded (Ngampa) references the land on which the artwork is installed. It acknowledges the Kaurna culture that has always existed within the land, and it highlights the need for everyone to walk together and work together in healing Country. This is not just a job for First Nations people, and everyone that resides on Kaurna land can celebrate and partake in practicing Kaurna culture. Everyone can feel a sense of custodianship for, and kinship with, the land.” – Brad Darkson.

Photo: Lana Adams