SANTS Statement: 2022 State Election Policy Platform

South Australian Native Title Services Ltd (SANTS) is the native title service provider for South Australia as recognised under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). We are a not-for-profit company funded by the Commonwealth Government to perform functions outlined in the Native Title Act.

We work with Aboriginal South Australians to secure the recognition of native title and to establish and run native title corporations. Our work aims to strengthen culture, country and community; and to achieve positive and lasting social, cultural, environmental and economic change.

Embrace Native Title
Finalise determinations across the State and invest in native title corporations to drive change

• Finalise consent determinations across remaining areas of our State (with around 70% currently determined)

• Support establishment and operations of native title corporations including through establishing a long-term funding model

• Support native title corporation training and professional development

• Establish whole of government relationships and partnerships with native title corporations (including the reorientation of government programs/services)  
Protect Cultural Heritage
Reform Aboriginal heritage legislation and management

• Support the establishment of Best Practice Standards in Indigenous Cultural Heritage Management and Legislation (Standards) through associated national partnerships

• Reform the Aboriginal Heritage Act (AHA) 1988 (SA) to give authority and agency to First Nations (native title corporations) and remove ministerial ability to authorise cultural heritage destruction

• Increase investment in Aboriginal heritage branch to support the administration of the AHA

• Remove Attorney-General guidelines on heritage payments and support native title corporations to deliver Aboriginal heritage services  
Look After Country
Strengthen First Nations participation and leadership in looking after public and private lands

• Increase the number of Aboriginal rangers working in national parks with new and identified positions

• Reform the Landscapes Act to mandate that all boards have Aboriginal membership along with broader Aboriginal advisory structures

• Pursue a 100% co-management board model for national parks and develop a policy position on hand-back of parks

• Develop First Nations water policy to increase access and equity in water rights and access (including social, cultural and economic uses)

• Work with Commonwealth Government to increase investment in SA for Aboriginal ranger programs  
Generate Wealth
Native title corporations will lead the way in increasing Aboriginal-owned business and employment

• Require Regional Development Boards to engage with native title corporations and identify and facilitate development/partnership opportunities

• Further develop and promote Aboriginal Business Register and procurement opportunities through South Australian Industry Participation Policy  
Respond to Climate Change
First Nations must be at the table when it comes to responding to our changing climate  

• Strengthen First Nations leadership in influencing and overseeing climate change responses including through representation on Climate Change Council

• Invest in First Nations-led research on climate change experiences, adaptation and resilience
First Nations Leadership
Commit to bold conversations to reposition First Nations in the political fabric of the state

• Commence dialogue on treaty and truth-telling at State and regional/First Nation levels

• Develop representative, community-led mechanisms for First Nations input into, and oversight of, government and parliamentary processes

• Provide leadership to strengthen relationships between First Nations and local government  

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