Narungga Nation Native Title Claim Group Meeting

-Map of current determination area below-

On Friday 14 February 2020 and Saturday 15 February 2020 at 10am at the Maitland Town Hall, South Australian Native Title Services Limited will be facilitating a meeting of Narungga Nation Native Title Claim Group. The meeting is open to all members of the Native Title Claim Group, being those living Aboriginal people who

(a)Are the biological descendants of the following ancestors:

(i) a ‘full-blooded Narungga woman of the Wallaroo area’, married to Charlie Angie (China; (ii) King Tommy; (iii) a ‘full-blooded woman named Mary’ (‘Queen Mary’, married to King Tommy); (iv) Ben Simms (of Wallaroo); (x) Maria (‘Aboriginal Narungga of Wallaroo, married to white jailer, surname ‘Hughes’, at Wallaroo); (xi) S(t)ansbury ‘Narungga woman of Moonta’; (xvi) Annie Radford;

(b)identify and are accepted as Narungga under traditional law and custom on the basis of one or more of the following;

-Descent from a Narungga person; Adoption; Birth in the claim area; Long term physical connection with the claim area; parent or grandparent buried in the claim area.

The purpose of the meeting is to authorise the Consent Determination, nominate Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation as the Prescribed Body Corporate for the Narungga People, and to authorise the discontinuance of the native title application over portions of the sea area, and over Innes National Park.

Limited assistance will be provided for costs associated with travel to and from the meeting and some accommodation is available for those who contact SANTS early. Lunch will be provided to those attending.

Please contact Marilyn Wilson on 1800 010 360 for assistance to attend or for further information about this meeting.