Kaurna Elders reflect on Wangayarta reburials

The Wangayarta Memorial Park was created specifically to rebury Kaurna ancestorial remains being returned from museums and universities.

If you haven’t already, go back and listen to our first episode about Wangayarta, which explains the backstory of the memorial park.

In this episode, we hear from Kaurna Elders, Uncle Moogy Sumner and Aunty Madge Wanganeen, who’ve been involved in the reburials of their ancestors disturbed from the north and west of Adelaide.

“If you rebury our ancestors into the place where they came from, someone is going to come and dig them up again because they want to put something else there – another building, another railway track, another road. But at Wangayarta, no one is going to go there and disturb them Old People, they’re there to rest now,” said Uncle Moogy Sumner.

“It’s another chapter for our people, in doing the right thing with our ancestors. I’m so blessed to be a Kaurna Elder woman to be put in this position and to help other communities in getting ready for their reburials,” said Kaurna Elder, Aunty Madge Wanganeen.

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