George Cooley paints Kanku-Breakaways

George Cooley paints the spectacular desert landscapes of the Kaṉku-Breakaways, an area in northern South Australia that features prominently in the creation stories and sacred songlines of the Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara people.

He holds leadership positions across the Umoona and Coober Pedy communities and is a talented artist and opal miner.

The important site, 25km north of Coober Pedy, is known for its spectacular hills, mesas and plains.

Mr Cooley’s work is currently featured at the 18th Adelaide Biennial of Australia Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA).

The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Inner Sanctum is curated by Jose Da Silva, with 24 leading artists and poets featured in the exhibition until June 2.