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Unceded Seeded (Ngampa)

Unceded Seeded or Ngampa, which means yam daisy (a perennial root vegetable that is a staple food source for Kaurna) in Kaurna language, is a new artwork that will be on public display semi-permanently for the next few years outside Guildhouse, in Adelaide’s CBD. The neon sign was designed by … Read More

Can a Voice to Parliament represent all First Nations? Linda Burney answers

The Minister for Indigenous Australians, Linda Burney, met with Aboriginal Way to answer important questions about an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The Voice would be a body enshrined in the constitution that enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to provide advice to the parliament on policies and projects that … Read More

Teresa Gallo
InFocus: Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Traditional Land Owners Aboriginal Corporation

InFocus is a segment where we speak to PBCs who are creating exciting social and economic developments for their Aboriginal members and communities. In this week’s episode, we yarn with Yandruwandha woman, Teresa Gallo, who is the Chairperson of Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Traditional Land Owners Aboriginal Corporation (YYTLOAC). YYTLOAC acts as … Read More

Assistance for South Australian Aboriginal groups

How do Aboriginal groups reach native title status and what happens to them when they do? Today we’re speaking with the CEO of South Australian Native Title Services, Keith Thomas, to find out more about: the services needed to reach native title status the services available after native title is … Read More

Wild Dog

The dingo is often referred to as a pest – at least to farmers – but it is also a significant living feature in First Nations culture and important within the Australian ecological system. Wild Dog is the first artistic outcome of a multi-year cultural maintenance and revival project that … Read More

Tjindu Foundation: helping young people shine

For many Aboriginal language groups across South Australia, the word ‘tjindu’ translates to sun or sunshine, so it was the perfect choice to name a foundation whose purpose is to help Aboriginal children and young people shine their brightest. The Tjindu Foundation aims to build resilience, school retention and employment … Read More

Kaurna Elders reflect on Wangayarta reburials

The Wangayarta Memorial Park was created specifically to rebury Kaurna ancestorial remains being returned from museums and universities. If you haven’t already, go back and listen to our first episode about Wangayarta, which explains the backstory of the memorial park. In this episode, we hear from Kaurna Elders, Uncle Moogy … Read More

Landscape SA has released its ten-year State Landscape Strategy

South Australia’s landscape boards, peak bodies, local and state government agencies, and other landscape management stakeholders have worked together to develop the strategy. The document outlines seven priorities for the landscape boards and their communities to consider in their land management practices. The co-chair of First Nations of South Australia … Read More

Native Title 30 years on from Mabo

Today – Friday, 3 June, 2022 marks 30 years since the 1992 Mabo decision by the High Court of Australia. The landmark decision disproved ‘terra nullius’ (land belonging to no-one) and led to the native title act the following year. Osker Linde, the Deputy Principal Legal Officer at SA Native … Read More