Keeping Aboriginal Kids Home and Safe – Part 2

This is the second part of our discussion about the rising number of Aboriginal children and young people being removed from their families right here in South Australia. Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People April Lawrie has put forward 48 findings and 32 recommendations from her Inquiry on this … Read More

Keeping Aboriginal Kids Safe – Part 1

An Inquiry into the removal and placement of Aboriginal children in South Australia has been led by SA’s inaugural Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People, April Lawrie, a proud Mirning and Kokatha woman. The final report, Holding on to Our Future, has just been released. The report has found … Read More

The Significance of Cultural Burning for the Nukunu People

Nukunu Wapma Thura (Aboriginal Corporation) [NWTAC] recently led a cultural burn at Wilmington alongside Firesticks Alliance, supported by SA Native Title Services. Nukunu fire practitioners in uniform demonstrated traditional knowledge-sharing principles about the inherent sacredness of fire to the Nukunu People; how it interacts with Nukunu culture and theirunderstanding of … Read More

Women with Fire

A time of healing, for women and for Country. Imagine a gathering solely for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from all over Australia to come together in celebration of the unique role they share in caring for Country. The National Indigenous Women’s Fire Workshop, Ngangkirna Kardlatidli: Women with Fire, … Read More

Kaurna burns again at Warriparinga

The practice of managing Country with fire has returned to Wirraparinga (Brownhill Creek) on Kaurna Country. During April, a Firesticks team including Clem Newchurch, Paul Dixon Jr and Quahli Newchurch carried out a cultural burn in an area of Kangaroo Grass at Wirraparinga (Brownhill Creek) for the first time in … Read More

APY Land Rights Act 1981 celebrated at Kulilaya Festival

The 40th anniversary of the historic Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Land Rights Act has been acknowledged during the long-awaited Kulilaya Festival at Umuwa. The event took place on March 24, after facing delays due to the outbreak of COVID, and saw musicians, visual artists and performers present their history and … Read More

Narungga leads Wallaroo port consultation

Key members of Narungga Nation, Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) and global commodities exporter T-Ports have been working together to sure up mutually beneficial practices at Wallaroo. New shipping infrastructure on the foreshore has been receiving cultural consultation from involved Narungga peoples, with the responsibility for naming the newly … Read More

Kaurna language revival

On 27 February, Adelaide’s inaugural ‘Kaurna Day’ event was hosted at the University of Adelaide. Kaurna Day is a free public event that aims to recognise and celebrate the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains – the Kaurna nation – through keynote talks, forums, culture, food and music. 109 of … Read More

George Cooley paints Kanku-Breakaways

George Cooley paints the spectacular desert landscapes of the Kaṉku-Breakaways, an area in northern South Australia that features prominently in the creation stories and sacred songlines of the Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara people. He holds leadership positions across the Umoona and Coober Pedy communities and is a talented artist and opal miner. … Read More