Assistance for South Australian Aboriginal groups

How do Aboriginal groups reach native title status and what happens to them when they do?

Today we’re speaking with the CEO of South Australian Native Title Services, Keith Thomas, to find out more about:

  • the services needed to reach native title status
  • the services available after native title is claimed
  • support and services available to Aboriginal groups here in South Australia

If you’re a regular listener, you might be aware that Aboriginal Way news, which includes this radio show and podcast, our quarterly newspaper and our online news service, are all publications of South Australian Native Title Services, better known as SANTS.

Today we’re speaking with the CEO about SANTS’ role as the native title provider for South Australia and what services it can provide to South Australian Aboriginal groups both to reach native title status, and to provide support and assistance afterwards.

If you’re part of an Aboriginal group who is interested in finding out more about the types of services SANTS offers and if they can offer support to your group, contact our Finance and Business Services Manager, Katy at or call SANTS on 8110 2800 or free call 1800 010 360.