All that’s Left is the Rusted Tin

“What I really like about largescale work is that it’s a way of reminding non-Aboriginal people that we’re still here and that our culture is still as important today as it has always been.”

Scott Ratham is the contemporary Aboriginal artist behind the name Rusted Tin, and a cultural learning consultant who integrates his heritage with modern-day stories through colourful, recognisable artworks on everything from largescale outdoor murals to canvases to coffee mugs.

His larger work can be seen on corrugated iron fences, sheds, roller doors, brick walls and most recently a scooter pump track in Whyalla. Scott sees his work as a modern version of the rock art and cave paintings that distinguished Aboriginal art of the past.

Every piece of art he creates tells a new story – but is also inspired in some way by his grandmother, a member of the Stolen Generation.

Hear more about Scott in the podcast, and the next edition of Aboriginal Way.

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