After Native Title… Spotlight on Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal Corporation

Three years on from determination, the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal Corporation is thriving as it builds sustainable partnerships with regional councils and the local community, Interim CEO Tim Hartman tells Aboriginal Way.

Part A of the Ngarrindjeri native title claim was determined just over three years ago, becoming incorporated on 6 December 2017 and registered at the beginning of January the following year. This was nearly 20 years after the claim was first lodged, and many elders and community members who had initiated the process were unfortunately no longer around to see the resolution.

Since then, the determination has opened the door for Ngarrindjeri in a lot of ways. It’s changed the relationship they have with the rest of the community and given them access and more of a voice to negotiate the way things are done, as Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal CorporationInterim CEO Tim Hartman told Aboriginal Way.

“One of the key exciting things about finally getting to the determination was the recognition that Ngarrindjeri have always had and always will have our connection to our Yarluwar-Ruwe, our sea country, and this recognition just validated what has always been our position; that Ngarrindjeri should be involved, should participate and should have a voice in regards to what is occurring across Ngarrindjeri country,” said Tim.

“As a native title body, a lot of our areas of interest lie specifically around land, water, culture and heritage, so we try to ensure Ngarrindjeri values and interests around that heritage are being incorporated, respected and valued with the broader community. Ngarrindjeri need to and should be sitting at the table to participate in the decision-making around how the land is managed, how planning is undertaken and the decision-making processes moving forward.”

Listen to our interview with Tim Hartman for more.

Image taken by SANTS.