Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags fly at Government House permanently

“I wanted to make the flagpoles visible to members of the public walking past Government House so they’re able to see the Australian flag, the flag of South Australia, the Australian Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag flying side by side in a prominent position, permanently.” – SA Governor Frances Adamson.

The four flags were raised at a flag dedication ceremony at the beginning of Reconciliation Week last Friday. It is the first time the Indigenous flags have been flown permanently in Government House’s 183 year history. Previously they have been flown from the roof for special occasions only.

South Australian Attorney-General Kyam Maher raised the Aboriginal flag; Indigenous AFL executive Tanya Hosch raised the Torres Strait Islander flag; World War II veteran, 102 year old Keith “Chook” Fowler raised the national Australian flag and Sacred Heart College student Lara Nguyen, whose parents came from Vietnam, raised the South Australian state flag.

Listen to our interview with South Australian Governor Frances Adamson about it here.

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